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Staging Your House to Sell

Selling your house can be a daunting task.  Let’s make it easier for you to sell by staging your house!  The following are 5 staging tips on how to make it the most appealing to the most buyers to sell for top dollar…without breaking the bank!

Curb Appeal

The most beautiful homes can always be made more beautiful by making a good impression.  A lot can be accomplished by a few simple improvements to the exterior appearance of your home without breaking the bank. Simply by trimming the hedges, edging the lawn along driveways and sidewalks and pressure washing the exterior of your house and driveway can make a massive difference in its first impression.  Trimming the overgrown trees and pulling weeds will give the home a well-tended look, as well.  Consider spending a few dollars on mulch for flower beds and even putting some fake (yes, I said FAKE) flowers in the flower beds.  For under $50 you’ll give the front of your house a pop without anyone knowing the colorful flowers came from your local crafts store or thrift store!  Who knew staging your house could be so easy?

Kitchens and Bathrooms

There’s a common saying, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses,” for a reason.  These are two of the most sought-after updates buyers are looking for in a house.  If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are looking shabby, consider having them painted and putting on new pulls.  Or perhaps you could leave them and opt for updating the countertops.  Even just changing an outdated light fixture can really make a difference in these two spaces.  But remember, you don’t want to go overboard and do a whole remodel.  Just spruce up the look of the space so people can see its potential!

Kick the Clutter

It happens to the best of us.  You have a pile here, a pile there, and soon the whole house has clutter everywhere.  Sometimes it just blends into the background of your life and you don’t realize it’s even there.  But that clutter could distract a buyer from seeing themselves living there while they’re looking at last month’s unopened junk mail pile.  Clean surfaces and tidy shelves are what buyers want to see, so get some storage tubs and get to decluttering!  Even better, consider it pre-packing for when your house sells!

Colors and Neutrals

Remember when you thought it would be the best idea in the world to paint your living room an orange-terracotta color to remind you of your trip to Italy?  Well, buyers aren’t necessarily as excited about remembering your Italian vacation as you are.  Consider painting over that wall with a more neutral color.  Or if that’s not in your wheelhouse, make sure the rest of the space is decorated with more neutral tones.  You can even rent neutral furniture to tone down the look of a brightly colored wall to make the space visually more balanced.

Let there be light!

Don’t forget your windows when staging your house!  Light, especially natural light, will make a space look bigger.  So those blackout curtains in your bedroom should be pulled all the way back and your blinds should be pulled up.  Remove screens and put them in a closet or the garage to let in more light.  And make sure the windows are clean inside and out!  If the view out the window is less than desirable, you can put up sheer curtains that let the light in but keep the view out.

Maggie is an animal care specialist turned entrepreneur!  Although she has always loved animals, she loves helping people as well.  Real estate is a great way to support conservation and her neighbors. Using her creativity to find solutions to tough situations, she is able to help more people. If you have a question about your house (or even animals), Maggie is your girl!

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