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My Divorce Story

Back in 2010 I was going through a divorce.  The divorce process was extremely stressful, frustrating, and expensive!  Between the two of us, my husband and I spent nearly $30,000 on lawyers and legal fees.  The battle stretched on for eleven months.  Part of that eleven month battle was over the division of our assets.  Not only were we fighting over our house, but also over his desire to take over ownership of the business that I had started…but he was not involved in…all while I was paying spousal support.  It was draining both financially and mentally.  All I wanted was to be done with it all and to move on.  In the end we negotiated that he got to keep the house and I got to keep my business.

Of course this isn’t a pretty little story tied up in a bow.  Divorce isn’t a pretty little situation.  It can be long and arduous and frustrating.  Dividing assets is just one of a hundred different things in the jumbled up mess that has to be sorted out.  And this is why I do what I do for people.  As a result of what I went through I want to make sure that other people going through the same situation as me can have at least one facet of that process go smoothly: the easy sale of their house.

There are ways to facilitate selling a house during a divorce to make this less stressful. We want to evaluate and give you options outside of the traditional fix it up and sell it with a realtor… We can buy your house with repairs needed, in any condition, with furniture still in it. Whatever makes it easier for you and or your spouse to move on.  We can even buy houses that are slightly underwater when you are going through a divorce.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would love to give you a no obligation look at your home, with an offer to purchase.

Alexa understands that Life Happens to all of us. Her experiences give her a unique ability to relate to so many different folks. She would love to be able to help in anyway possible even if that means sending you down a different path! Feel Free to reach out directly any time.

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